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Follow Alkaline Diet To Improve Health

People are becoming more and more health conscious as there is an information overload on diets, exercise and sleep. You take a survey and when you ask people about diet and fitness most of them will have their own diet methodology. Six out of ten persons interviewed would have always followed a diet for weight loss and for health. If you are willing to diet then there are many types of diets each having its own pros and cons. 

What Is Alkaline Diet?

What is alkaline diet and have you heard about it? Well, alkaline diet is one which helps to maintain the pH level of fluids in the body especially blood and urine. This pH balance is very essential for all living organisms in the world and it is believed that diseases do not appear in a body having balanced pH levels. 

Alkaline diet is also known as alkaline acid diet, alkaline ash diet, acid ash diet, etc. You can call it by any name and following it is not easy. What is this pH? This pH denotes the amount of hydrogen ion in the body and it is measured on a scale of 0 to 14. It can be easily measured and if a solution is more acidic then the level of pH is very low. If a human body has a pH level of 7.4 then it is said to be alkaline. 

What Are Alkaline Foods?

Plant based foods, fruits, vegetables are commonly regarded as alkaline foods. Unprocessed plant based protein also forms part of alkaline diet. Taking such foods will help to maintain the alkaline balance in the body and it is believed that people taking such diets lead healthy lives. 

It is believed that early man consumed fresh food and led healthy lives. With time food became processed and people became fatter. In alkaline diet dairy, grains, sugar, refined foods, meat, fish, high sodium food everything is avoided. To put it in a nut shell consume fresh plant foods and avoid everything which is processed because processed food is high in sodium and preservatives. Alcohol and smoking also should be avoided. Even caffeine should be avoided. 

Any diet will give results only when it is followed for a long term. It applies with alkaline diet and people vouch that they found results in a short time. Alkaline diet is for long term while its results can be seen in the short term. It helps to lose weight without much effort and prevents diseases. 

Alkaline diet is mostly vegetarian and even fat is avoided in this diet. Organic produce is considered a safe bet. Uncooked foods are considered as life giving and they could be safely consumed. In this diet raw foods are considered best and incorporate steaming and juicing instead of thoroughly cooking the food. 

Benefits Of Alkaline Diet

Hypertension And Stroke Risks Are Lowered

It increases growth hormone and decreases inflammation and it has anti-aging effects. Taking this diet will prevent a person from getting problems like high cholesterol, memory loss, kidney stones and stroke. 

Helps To Boost Vitamin Absorption 

The diet helps with increase in magnesium and magnesium is very essential for the proper functioning of the body. If a person is deficient in magnesium then, he will have muscle pains, head ache, sleep disorders and anxiety. 

Helps To Maintain Healthy Weight

When you limit acid forming foods you decrease the leptin levels and inflammation and with this diet you will be maintain a balance in leptin levels and you will feel satisfied by consuming the required calories. 

Protects Bone Density

Minerals are very essential for maintaining the bone strength. With an alkaline diet a person can easily maintain lean muscle mass, improves the production of growth hormones, better vitamin D absorption, etc. So it is best to protect bones and muscle mass. 

Lowers Inflammation And Chronic Pain

Alkaline supplements are reported to reduce menstrual cramps, chronic back pain, joint pain, etc. So the diet works in making a person healthier. 

Helps Immune Function And Serves As Cancer Protection

With alkaline diet a decrease in inflammation is seen and it protects people against cancer. During chemo sessions alkaline diet is suggested. 

Enrich your knowledge on alkaline diet and enjoy a healthy life.

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