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How to Become Healthy and Fit During Pregnancy!

One of nature’s best gifts to women is motherhood. Pregnancy is not an easy phase, it is painful but when a mother sees her child all her pain vanishes instantly and she is happy. Birthing a child can become a beautiful journey if you are healthy, fit and in a positive frame of mind. You can acquire all these if you work for it. Never miss out your appointments with the doctor as it is very important. 

When you are pregnant you might get tips from passers-by and not all the tips are beneficial. So always get tips from qualified medical practitioners and follow it religiously to enjoy a healthy and fit pregnancy. Some of the tips are given below and they are 

Eat Healthy

Eat healthy and it does not mean that you should eat for two. A good diet with lot of nutritious and healthy food is required. Include at least five portions of vegetables and fruits and cut down on junk. Proteins, fibre and a little amount of saturated fat is required to make your meal healthy. Cut down on starch too. Try to drink eight glasses of water and always be hydrated so that you can ward of dehydration. 

Exercise Regularly

It can be a simple walk but do not do strenuous exercises without consulting a doctor. Be active as far as possible. Do all your household chores so that you will become healthy and your labour becomes easier. Yoga and deep breathing when done under expert supervision helps. Pelvic floor exercises are highly recommended under guidance from experts. American gynaecologists association recommends 30 minutes of activity as regular exercise will help to develop strong heart and lungs. 

Say No To Alcohol

Alcohol and pregnancy are not best friends so avoid alcohol completely. You would have taken alcohol before pregnancy but once pregnant stop it immediately. 

Quit Smoking 

Smoking is bad for your baby and also for others around. Smoking increases chances of stillbirth, low birth weight, miscarriage, etc. So quit smoking at the earliest. 

Take Supplements

Pregnancy requires additional care and  therefore you should take supplements. Usually folic acid is prescribed for the first three months and vitamin D and calcium supplements for the whole of pregnancy. Taking folic acid protects your baby from developing neural tube defects. 

Be Regular With Your Appointments 

Consult your physician regularly so that you can avoid any complications later on. Do consult if you have nausea, dizziness, morning sickness, trouble walking, and pain during urination, etc. Whatever may be your concern seek immediate medical attention. Monitor foetal activity and if there is decrease in foetal activity for over 24 hours then consult immediately. 

Recovery and Sleep

A minimum of eight hours of sleep is essential. Quality of sleep is essential as the baby grows only when the mother sleeps. Sleep is non-negotiable. Do have naps in the afternoon sessions so that you will feel fresh. 

Avoid Sugar And Junk

Sugar will add to weight gain and avoid processed foods as much as possible. An occasional sugary treat is not that bad but do not eat without control. 

Seek Medical Help For Stress

Some women experience depression during pregnancy. Therapy helps and do consult if you are suffering from anxiety issues. Counselling will help you deal with this and your spouse will help you come out of this anxiety. 

Meditation And Music Therapy

Meditation calms your mind and therefore if you enjoy soulful music then you can listen to it regularly! Soothing music will make your days peaceful. 

Be Close To Nature

You can walk in the garden as green environment gives a soothing effect. You will feel fresh and living close to nature and greenery will ward off depression. 

Read Regularly

Do read pregnancy related articles to make yourself aware of the changes happening in the body. If you are aware you can deal with it better. You will rush to your doctor when there is cause for concern. If you are not aware you will take things lightly. 

Listen To Your Body

This is the most essential thing. If you feel dizzy or tired when you are exercising, then you should stop immediately. Do eat to your heart’s content and enjoy the whole period with having a positive attitude. 

So small steps will make your journey easier!

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