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Best Chrome extensions for web developers

Best Chrome Extensions

One of the greatest advantages of Chrome is its extensibility, and there are many useful extensions for web developers out there. From customer feedback tools to visual customer feedback software, the list is extensive, but we’ve narrowed down a few of the best in this article. Here’s a look at a few of our favorites. We hope these extensions make your life easier and your productivity soar. Let’s begin!

Check My Links: This is a great Chrome extension for web developers, especially if you are working on responsive websites or apps. It will move through a website’s content and identify broken links. Other extensions, like Font Inspector, let you inspect fonts, font styles, and layouts. Another popular chrome extension is BrowserStack, which generates color code with the click of a button. All these handy developer tools will make your life easier, and they’ll come in very handy when you need to test responsiveness and alignment.

Another extension for web developers is Check My Links. This extension will help you find broken links on any website. It will also analyze the page for best practices, so you can avoid wasting time writing codes. It’s simple, and works well. WhatFont is another useful extension for web developers. It’s fast, easy, and does the job better than any other similar tool. If you’re a web developer, you can use any of these tools to increase your productivity!

Wireframe: This extension is very popular among web developers, and makes it easy to see the structure of any website page. By overlaying a wireframe of a website, it allows you to see the elements of that page more easily. This extension is extremely helpful for graphic designers and allows them to break down page elements in a more simplified manner. In short, it makes your life easier. If you’re a web developer, you can’t go wrong with this extension.

Clockwork: The extension is a development tool incorporated into every browser. It gives you the most important details of a page, including key details and performance metrics. You can also see any errors and other errors. This extension makes it easier for you to analyze your website. It’s important to have an accurate code to avoid breaking a website. If you’re a developer, it’s vital to have a stable web development environment.

Page Ruler: One of the best Chrome extensions for web developers is a must-have. It allows you to check pixel-perfect dimensions of a page by drawing a ruler image on the screen. Using the extension will allow you to inspect individual elements of a page, and see how they relate to each other. These tools can help you solve many problems, including those related to spacing, padding, and alignment.

Linkclump: Another must-have extension for Chrome is Linkclump. It allows you to drag a selection box around links, and opens them when you click. This extension is useful for web developers who use Google’s default browser. Having the right extensions installed on your browser will make it easier for you to develop your site. There’s no need to install multiple extensions on your computer, since extensions can make your life easier.

DomFlags: Another essential Chrome extension for web developers, DomFlags is useful for keeping track of DOM elements. Using this extension, you can create keyboard shortcuts for the different DOM elements you need to keep track of. This extension will also provide you with an auto-inspect feature. You can easily bookmark any element you want in the DOM. The extensions listed above are great for web developers.

Cookie manager: Another must-have extension for web developers is the Cookie Manager. This extension allows you to manage cookies and prevent eye strain. The Dark theme is great for daytime browsing, and you can adjust the brightness and contrast to suit your preferences. It helps you choose a color palette without writing codes. Some of the best Chrome extensions for web developers are free, and some require you to enter your personal information. But all extensions are safe to use and install.

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