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What Does a Specialization in Fashion Mean in Fashion Design

What Does a Specialization in Fashion Mean in Fashion Design

The world of fashion design is an interesting one. For aspiring designers, this dynamic field has something for everyone – whether you’re all about fabrics and styling or would love to fulfill your entrepreneurial dream. Within the world of fashion, you can choose from a number of specialisations, which is defined as specialised area of fashion based on your interests and aspirations.

Moreover, each specialisation has its distinct skill set, techniques, and tools you need to learn to build a professional career. However, one thing remains the same – your love for fashion and creativity.

If you’re looking to pursue masters in fashion, here are the various specialisations for you to explore.

1. Fashion Design

This is the most popular specialisations in fashion. The field of fashion design specifically pertains to designing clothes for consumers. This involves in-depth knowledge of fabrics, materials, colour theory, aesthetics, styling, fashion production, and more.

As a fashion designer, you get to work with various innovative tools and techniques to create functional apparel. In fact, with the demand for fashion designers growing constantly, you can work with independent design houses, take up a job in the retail industry, or even start your fashion line.

2. Textile Design

This specialisation focuses on the art, craft, and technical know-how of creating fabric designs and patterns for various materials. A masters in fashion and textile design introduces you to various traditional and contemporary techniques of print design, weaving, knitting, and surface ornamentation.

The textile design includes various career options, including textile designer, carpet designer, installation artist, textile artist, and more.

3. Accessory Design

If fabric and clothing aren’t your cup of tea, you can still pursue your love for fashion by specialising in accessory design. It includes a whole spectrum of products, from precious and costume jewellery to footwear, watches, leather goods, lifestyle products, and more. As an accessory designer, you’ll also get to work with professionals to plan a cohesive look by styling accessories.

With this specialisation under masters in fashion, you’ll gain extensive knowledge about consumer behaviour, materials and production process, market trends, design methodology, and so on.

4. Fashion Technology

Fashion technology is a relatively newer vertical that focuses on innovative solutions to support the fashion industry. It involves the creation of new tools and techniques with cutting-edge technology to improve the creation and consumption of fashion.

Under this specialisation, you learn various aspects of market research, trends, marketing, product technology, and more. In fact, given its rising demand, you have the opportunity to work with branded fashion houses, design garments in films and TV, or work with fashion magazines.

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5. Fashion Management

If creativity is not your strongest pursuit, but fashion and business are, then a specialisation in fashion management might be your calling. With a masters in fashion management, you develop core expertise in managing fashion business, merchandising, retailing, supply chain management, and so much more.

Moreover, you can explore various career options, including retail merchandiser, logistics manager, brand manager, and e-commerce executive, to name a few.

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