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Malenia the Severed



Malenia changed into born the kid of Queen Marika and her 2d husband, the Elden Lord Radagon. She had a dual via way of means of the call of Miquella. Both Malenia and Miquella had been born as Empyreans, that means that they’d the cappotential to sooner or later update their mom because the god of a brand new age. But due to the fact that Radagon and Marika had been in reality the identical person, Malenia and Miquella had been born cursed. Malenia changed into stricken with the Scarlet Rot, which ravaged her from inside and might fee her numerous limbs, at the same time as Miquella changed into cursed with everlasting childhood, not able to ever develop into adulthood. At a few point, Malenia encountered a blind swordsman who had sealed away an Outer God of Rot. The swordsman have become her master, and educated her withinside the methods of the blade. Malenia might finally end up a warrior with out peer.

Malenia and Miquella had been near, and Malenia might end up her brother’s sworn blade and protector, at the same time as Miquella labored tirelessly to try to undo the curses that they’d each been born into. While not able to discover a therapy for his sister, Miquella designed a needle of unalloyed gold that would maintain the Scarlet Rot ravaging Malenia’s frame at bay.

After the Shattering, Malenia and Miquella each claimed shards of the damaged Elden Ring. During the wars among the demigods which accompanied the Shattering, Malenia led an military that marched south from the Haligtree. Malenia gained many battles, even humbling fellow demigod and shardbearer Godrick the Grafted, who groveled at her toes for mercy. She attracted unswerving servants like her Cleanrot Knights, in addition to worshippers, who believed her a goddess.

Malenia and her half-brother Radahn might finally be the ultimate demigods left status withinside the conflict. Their forces clashed withinside the Caelid Wilds, and the 2 fought a sour duel for supremacy. In the midst of the fight with Radahn, the Scarlet Rot changed into unleashed, ensuing in Malenia’s 2d bloom. The blooming of the Scarlet Rot devastated Caelid, leaving it a rotting wasteland, and precipitated Radahn to swiftly degenerate, dropping his wits and cursing him to wander the battlefield as a senseless beast, feasting at the our bodies of buddy and foe alike.

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Malenia herself changed into now no longer unaffected. Unleashing the Scarlet Rot left her in a coma. She changed into rescued via way of means of one in all her Cleanrot Knights, Finlay, and taken to the Haligtree to anticipate her brother’s rebirth, as he had encased himself in the Haligtree which will opposite his curse. However, at some point of Malenia’s shut eye, Miquella changed into ripped from the womb of the tree via way of means of Mohg, Lord of Blood earlier than he should emerge from his cocoon.

While Malenia slept, the Scarlet Rot seeped out from her and started out infecting the Haligtree. When she had blossomed in Caelid, she had inadvertently birthed the Kindred of Rot, who worshipped her as a goddess and was hoping to purpose her to bloom as soon as again, believing that she might herald a brand new age of rot. Malenia’s shut eye changed into finally disturbed via way of means of a Tarnished champion, who determined their manner to the roots of the Haligtree. The fought, and Malenia eventually met her fit and suffered her first actual defeat. However, in the long run Malenia succumbed to the Scarlet Rot and blossomed but again, reborn as a nascent goddess. She unleashed her complete fury in opposition to the invader, however might fall quick but again, her loss of life phrases an apology to her vanished brother.

Boss Fight

Malenia is a section boss combat in Elden Ring determined in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree. Phase one includes Malenia, Blade of Miquella and Phase is Malenia, Goddess of Rot. In each phases, Malenia will regenerate fitness upon touchdown assaults at the participant or any in their summons, even though the assault is blocked.

Phase one

In Phase one, Malenia will make use of a lever mechanism in her prosthetic proper forearm to wield her blade, the Hand of Malenia, with more freedom than the participant is allowed.

Most of her ordinary sword assaults may be parried, but she can be able to jump off two times earlier than getting shocked for a essential riposte every time.

Some of her actions supply her hyper-armor, that means she can not be shocked out of these assaults besides via way of means of Frostbite and Bleed procs.

When getting stunlocked, she can also additionally do multiple brief pirouette-jumps farfar from the participant to reposition herself. Alternatively, she also can cancel this after the primary pirouette bounce and try to counterattack.

Malenia will ward off maximum projectiles, however now no longer leaping assaults from bows.

She has a very flexible set of assaults:

  • Her signature command clutch. She winds up, then lunges ahead, grabs you, throws you up and impales you together along with her sword, dealing 1000-1500 harm and recuperation herself for kind of the identical amount. It does now no longer have hyper-armor, so that you can stun her at some point of the startup. Otherwise you need to keep away from it.
  • A speedy bounce-kick. It would not deal lots harm, however it has hyper-armor, she heals from it, and it breaks guards very easily. If you get guardbroken via way of means of it, she can be able to nearly continually observe up on it together along with her command clutch, however your stamina continually recovers speedy sufficient to keep away from the clutch via way of means of rolling.
  • A ward off bounce with hyper-armor to the left or proper, accompanied via way of means of sword slashes and in addition blend extenders. The hyper-armor ends simply earlier than her assault comes out, letting you stun her out of it. That the assault may be very telegraphed additionally makes this a awesome establishing to parry her.
  • Two sword slashes with out a telegraphing, accompanied via way of means of in addition assaults much like after the ward off. It may be very tough to react speedy sufficient to parry this, so it’s miles higher to keep away from roll backwards. If you roll ahead, the second one lessen hits you.
  • A spin-lessen at some point of which she spins round her personal axis as soon as, accompanied via way of means of a brief 2d lessen and extra blend extensions. This does now no longer have hyper-armor and is notably slow, so clean to keep away from or interrupt. This assault also can be parried, however the timing and positioning for it’s miles strangely inconsistent.
  • A brief ahead sprint accompanied via way of means of a triple-lessen blend right into a not on time sweep. Telegraphed via way of means of her sword-hand klicking and sparking earlier than she dashes ahead. You gets hit via way of means of one of the slashes in case you roll backwards except a ways sufficient farfar from her, however you could keep away from it via way of means of rolling diagonally toward her. It has no hyper-armor, so that you can stun her earlier than the sweep comes out in case you are nonetheless in variety.
  • Two charged up vertical slashes. She will start to kneel, then bounce up at the same time as doing the primary lessen and do a 2d lessen on her manner down. It can not be parried and has hyper-armor all of the manner through, however it is simple to keep away from and leaves her inclined on the begin and the end.
  • Two charged up vertical slams. This will begin much like the 2 heavy vertical slashes, however she as an alternative shall we her sword arm spark/click on after which dashes toward you earlier than slamming her weapon onto the floor two times in a row. It continues to be clean to keep away from but and not like the bounce-model of this assault, it could be parried.
  • A lengthy variety sprint-stab with hyper-armor. She jumps up after which dashes ahead in a instantly line throughout nearly the whole arena. She will regularly use this as blend ender or to punish recuperation from a ways away.
  • Waterfowl Dance is Malenia’s specific ability wherein she unleashes three collection of slashes in huge radius. It has hyper-armor from begin to finish. If now no longer avoided, it’ll deal properly over 1500 harm. When in near variety, there are handiest 4 methods to keep away from taking harm:
    • Quickly run in circles round her as quickly as she jumps as much as keep away from the preliminary slashes, then keep away from-roll the rest. (now no longer clean to do)
    • Block the primary lessen-collection the usage of both a greatshield or a medium guard with Ash of War: Barricade Shield, then keep away from-roll the last slashes.
    • Ash of War: Bloodhound’s Step.
    • Knocking her out of the air with a Frostbite or Bleed stun.

Phase 2

When beginning section 2, she can be able to erupt in a scarlet bloom as she did in her war with Starscourge Radahn , losing her armor and revealing her pores and skin to be cracked and blistered via way of means of Scarlet Rot, in addition to developing a couple of wings crafted from Aeonian Butterflies.

She will continually lead via way of means of casting Scarlet Aeonia, blanketing the battlefield with lengthy, flowing flower petals that inflict Scarlet Rot.

She might also upward thrust up into the air and summon spirits that again and again attack the participant earlier than lunging toward them herself. She can even nonetheless do the Waterfowl Dance flurry assault, which now additionally inflicts Scarlet Rot.

In addition, she profits new blend extension alternatives with section 2. There is a risk that she can be able to observe-up on a number of her normal blend-enders via way of means of leaping up after which slamming her sword down into the floor again, inflicting a not on time rot explosion. She additionally profits the capacity to cancel a number of her actions into the triple-lessen blend, mostly after touchdown from sprint-stabs. She will become extra competitive in wellknown and starts offevolved to apply her bounce-kick lots extra often than the telegraphed sidesteps.

Drops 480,000 Runes and Remembrance of the Rot Goddess while defeated.


  • Malenia has a prosthetic proper arm, left leg, and proper foot. It is unknown if those had been amputated because of the scarlet rot festering in her frame, or accidents received from war.
  • According to the Scarlet Aeonia description, Malenia becomes a Goddess if her scarlet flower blooms 3 instances.
  • Malenia is amongst a set of few choose enemies that want to be parried more than one instances for a a hit riposte. Another being Radagon.
  • Once defeated, she can be able to depart in the back of a large, strong Scarlet Aeonia in her arena. If the participant has the Unalloyed Gold Needle, it could take delivery of to the Aeonia to acquire Miquella’s Needle.

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