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Why are Motorcycles Better than Cars? Here’s the Reason Why!

Why are Motorcycles Better than Cars

A developing country like India has most of the total vehicle sales that is covered by passenger vehicles. A significant portion of that chunk are two-wheelers. Considering various matters including transportation as well, when we talk about automobiles, cars and bikes need to be discussed! Motorcycles have a massive market in India, mainly because they help navigate traffic-laden roads. Now the most convincing part is choosing a suitable two-wheeler or a second hand bike to make your process easier.

You might think, why second hand bikes? We are talking about second hand bikes because a refurbished used bike has the same potential as a new bike. You can choose from the assorted collection of used bikes to get a fair deal on what to buy. Used bikes from brands like Hero, Honda, KTM, Royal Enfield, Suzuki, Yamaha, Bajaj, Mahindra, and many more.

Here’s a list of why you should choose a motorcycle;

1: Motorcycles Save a lot of Fuel

Undoubtedly, the lightweight of the motorcycles makes them one of the best modes of transport to move from here to there. The small engine contributes to the bike’s mileage. On average, few motorcycles can quickly go from 30 km to 40 km with 1 liter of fuel. Moreover, if you choose a two-wheeler with higher fuel efficiency, it can also go a distance of 60 kms.

Choose from the collection of the best mileage bikes or scooters; you will be benefited in all the possible ways. In fact, the increased fuel efficiency is having properly inflated tires. These well-maintained engines can be much more real as a money saver, and it also considers the fuel price.

2: Motorcycles Provide Higher Environment Benefits

Many motorcycles have higher gas mileage, allowing enthusiastic travelers without having much environmental impact. If we compare it with the larger vehicles like cars or gas-guzzling trucks, then motorcycles are environmentally friendly. With the growth of technology and sustainable development, the buyers are now very conscious of ecological balances, and that will eventually make the earth a much better place. With the new emergence of electronic vehicles, motorcycles will help the environment in much better ways.

3: Motorcycles have Higher Resale Value

As we buy any two-wheeler, we have one thing in mind. When we are going to resell it, the returns must be good. Similarly, motorcycles have good resale value. There are many factors to consider, but motorcycles are easy to sell and get you good returns. Some motorcycles hold significantly better value than cars, most likely because the vehicles run for fewer miles.

4: Motorcycles Need Less Space

Be it used bikes, or you plan to buy second hand bikes, this mode of transport occupies less space. The small size of the bike in terms of maneuverability and even the parking space is less required. With the bikes, you do not need to make any extra effort to find a parking lot. So you can park it and get your work done. Adding to this, you can save a lot of space at home for the activities.

5: Motorcycles are Pocket-Friendly than Other Modes of Transport

Not all motorcycles save a lot of money; by retaining the resale value, using less Fuel, and being even cheaper than cars, motorcycles are a great buddy. For a reasonable price, you can buy 2nd hand bikes from a trusted source, and these bikes are refurbished to retain excellent quality. With a starting price of only 30,000- 40,000 INR, you might get a good range of used bikes that you can use daily.

To conclude, there is no doubt about the fact that second hand bikes are a good choice for you. All you need to do is to consider these above points if you think about whether to invest in a motorcycle or a car. The option of second hand motorcycles is also there to make your purchase effortless! Happy riding a two-wheeler of your choice

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