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Everything You Need to Know About Smoking


We are living in a fast paced world where we are almost leading a total mechanical lifestyle. This has led to a rampant increase in the usage of intoxicants, which is primarily used to cope with stress and boredom. A lot of people are addicted to alcoholism which not only takes down their physical prowess, but also enervates them mentally as well. What’s sad is people are not just satisfied by alcohol, and have taken to other forms of drugs as well.

If there is something as addictive as alcohol, it is unarguably the addiction of smoking.

  • Is Smoking Really Bad For Your Health?

Without a doubt! The traditional cigarettes which you smoke contains tobacco as the main constituent which consists of over 3000 toxic chemicals. Smokers should know that these chemicals can harm almost all organs of a human body, though it happens on a gradual level. Also, for at least 90 years health experts have linked smoking to lung cancer. Every year, 480,000 people die from smoking related diseases and for every person that dies, 30 others live with cigarette induced illnesses. So, you can see how dangerous this addiction really is.

  • Are other forms of tobacco safer?

A lot of people think that smoking cigars is less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes. However, this is not true since both cigars and cigarettes do the same amount of damage to a human body. Did you know, even chewing tobacco is as harmful as cigarettes as smokeless tobacco contains over 30 cancer chemicals? In fact, smokeless tobacco is the leading cause of mouth cancer in most people all over the world.

What makes tobacco this much addictive is its main constituent Nicotine which is highly enticing and can make people addicted to it pretty quickly.  Till the time, one develops a defense mechanism against nicotine, it will be harder for an individual to quit smoking.

  • How are Health Issues From Tobacco Diagnosed?

Diagnosis of a tobacco induced disease depends entirely on the specific symptoms showing in a person. For example, a smokeless tobacco user who develops stomach cancer from swallowing nicotine juice will need a different type diagnosis than a regular smoker who inhales tobacco.

If you are a smoker, your doctor will ask for details about your tobacco use, physically examine you and then order tests based on the results.

  • How to Quit Smoking?

This is a question that is eluding a lot of smokers who are desperately trying to quit the addiction. What’s worse about trying too hard to quit the addiction is that you can get caught up in the web of withdrawal symptoms which can demoralize you even further. So, it is not recommended for hardcore smokers to go cold turkey in order to quit this addiction.

One of the best ways smokers can quit cigarettes is through Nicotine Replacement Therapy, a technique where nicotine is slowly administered to an individual in small doses. Types of NRT include the Adhesive patch, Chewing gum, Nose sprays, Inhaler and Lozenges.

  • How Can Disease Caused By Smoking Be Cured?

Most smoking related health issues can be resolved by healthcare specialists associated with this field. For example, a cardiologist can treat any kinds of damage to the heart which has been caused by cigarettes over a period of time. A lung specialist on the other hand can treat breathing problems like COPD, a disease that blocks airways to the lungs. Also, there are Oncology specialists who treat cancers developed in the heart and help an individual to recover fully.

Besides, smokers experiencing various forms of cardiac illnesses need to adopt a healthy diet and also shun alcoholism if possible. Discipline in one area can reflect on all your other activities as well.

All in All,

You have seen almost all aspects related to smoking and how this damages an individual inside out. Only when this addiction is put to complete rest that a person can unlock their full potential to achieve great things both personally and professionally. Remember, success can be only enjoyed thoroughly till the time you are in fine shape and free of all addictions that traps you mentally.

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