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Electromagnetic Spectrum and Electromagnetic Waves/Magnetic Field and Magnetic Force

Electromagnetic Spectrum And Electromagnetic Waves/Magnetic Field And Magnetic Force

The two important forms of waves by which the energy gets transmitted are mechanical waves and electromagnetic waves. The waves that we see on the water and the sound waves are examples of mechanical waves. The changing magnetic field will produce a changing electric field, and a changing electric field will produce a magnetic field. These changing fields form electromagnetic waves. 

Electromagnetic Spectrum and Electromagnetic Waves

The electromagnetic waves and mechanical waves are different from each other; the electromagnetic waves do not require a medium to propagate. The electromagnetic waves can travel even through the vacuum. The terms Electromagnetic Spectrum and Electromagnetic Waves are related. The terms light, electromagnetic spectrum, electromagnetic waves all refer to the same phenomenon: electromagnetic energy. This energy can be described by frequency, wavelength or energy. All the three are related to each other, and if the value of one is known, we can find the other two values. 

The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of all types of electromagnetic waves. The visible light that is emitted by the lamps at our house and the radio waves from the radio station are two different types of electromagnetic waves or electromagnetic radiation. The other types of electromagnetic radiation are gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays and microwaves. 

Radio Waves: The radio waves emitted by the radio stations are captured by the ratios that bring our favourite tunes. These waves are also emitted by the stars and the gases in space. 

Microwaves: The microwave oven will cook your food within minutes. It is also used by astronomers to learn about galaxies. 

Infrared rays: The infrared light will help us to map the dust between the stars. 

Visible Light: The visible light can be detected by the human eye. The beautiful fireflies that we see at night emit visible light. 

Ultraviolet rays: The UV rays or ultraviolet rays cause tanning and skin burn.

X-ray: The X-rays are used by doctors to image the bones into the human body; it is also used at the airport security to see through the bags. The hot gases present in the space also emit X-rays.

Gamma rays: Gamma rays are used by doctors for radiotherapy; it is used for sterilisation and disinfection in industries and the nuclear industry. Shielding from the gamma rays is necessary since it can have adverse side effects like skin disease, eye disorder, cancer etc.

Magnetic Field and Magnetic Force

The electric current passing through the wires will produce a magnetic field. The magnetic field and magnetic force are related by the Lorentz Force Law. The Lorentz Force Law explains the effect of the electric and magnetic fields upon a point charge. The magnetic force between the moving charges is the effect exerted upon either charge by the magnetic field created by the other. 

The energy storing capacity of a magnetic field is greater than the electric field; therefore, it is used in many electromechanical devices like generators, motors and transformers.

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