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Business Partnership Between Flipkart And Delhi-Based Startup Ensologic

Business Partnership

A Delhi-based Startup, Ensologic, announced a business partnership with India’s leading e-commerce platform, Flipkart. This business deal between the two companies is for developing Flipkart’s private label brand. Ensologic is a global supply chain provider with an extensive reach in major countries like Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, Korea and PRC. Flipkart, which Walmart owns, has a vast customer base and is known as a prominent e-commerce platform in India. The business partnership between these two companies is vital for the customers and investors. This post will discuss this business deal in detail. 

About Business Partnership Between Flipkart And Ensologic

On April 12, 2023, Ensologic, a Delhi-based startup, announced its business deal with Walmart-owned Flipkart. An expected business volume generated from this partnership is Rs 1000 crore in the current financial year. As per the sources, the goal of this partnership is to develop innovative products for the customers. Flipkart also wants to utilise Ensologic’s wide reach in countries like Japan to develop its private-label brand.

Before this business partnership, Ensologic raised $500K in the funding round from the India Angel Network and Hyderabad-based investors. Founded in 2019, Ensologic is one of the fastest-growing startups strengthening its supply chain network across different countries. On the other hand, Flipkart, which Walmart owns, recently set up 200 delivery hubs and eight new supply chain facilities in Tamil Nadu. 

The business partnership between the Indian E-commerce giant and Ensologic will also aim to give a much-needed push to the disrupted Indian supply chain industry. In addition, Flipkart also revealed that the aim of the business deal with Ensologic would also create job opportunities besides boosting economic growth. 

Anil Kumar, CEO of Ensologic, said, “It’s time to transform it (supply chains) with micro-level technology, where goods, information, and transactions can happen in real-time.” 

This business partnership is backed by Ensologic investors and the BEYOBO team and is expected to bring a major impact on India’s supply chain and e-commerce industry in the future.

It is also interesting to see how this business deal will impact Flipkart’s unlisted shares. Since Flipkart is looking to develop its private label brand during this partnership, we can also expect a high demand for its Pre-IPO shares.

Impact Of This Partnership On Flipkart’s Future Operations

This business partnership has various advantages for both companies in the future. Ensologic will look to leverage the network of Flipkart to improve its operations in different regions of India. One important aspect of this partnership is Flipkart’s future plans, including its private-label brand. 

As we mentioned, the expected business volume from this deal is Rs 1000 crore, which will change both companies’ future outlooks. Flipkart, an unlisted company, will also look to strengthen its financial position in the Pre-IPO market. Here’s how this business partnership will impact Flipkart’s business operations:

Access To Global Network

Walmart, a global giant in the e-commerce industry, currently owns Flipkart. The business deal with Ensologic will allow Flipkart to access global supply chain solutions. Ensologic currently serves various countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. One significant impact of this business deal on Flipkart is its extended reach in such countries.

Collaborative Products

In the future, we can see the collaborative products of both companies. With this business partnership, Flipkart will leverage the expertise of the research and development team of Ensologic. In addition, there can be an extensive range of e-commerce services for customers and vendors in the future. 

However, there is clearance from the company’s side about the type of products they plan for the future. As per sources, FlipKart’s major goal is to focus on creating its private label brand in the least possible time.

Growth In Unlisted Shares Prices

Flipkart is engaged in creating a roadmap for its Initial Public Offering (IPO). The business partnership with Ensologic is the major part that will improve its financials. The current status of FlipKart is private, which offers its unlisted shares in the Pre-IPO market. 

With this partnership, Flipkart’s business performance will improve and affect its unlisted share price. The price of Flipkart unlisted shares might increase in the future, which will benefit both the company and investors.

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The business partnership between Flipkart and Ensologic will strengthen both companies’ business operations. We can expect a significant change in the supply chain process in the future as this deal aims to generate a business volume of Rs 1000 crore.

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