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7 ideas for creating a positive workplace environment this holiday season

7 ideas for creating a positive workplace environment this holiday season

The holidays are here, and it’s an emotional time for everyone. In addition, there are a small number of working days in two months, so people tend to get into holiday mode. So, it’s not the time to launch major projects or expect extreme productivity.

Apart from that, the holidays are emotionally fraught, in many different ways. They may be happy times for some, but are also reminders of loss, grief, trauma, and much more. So, you need to tread sensitively, as an employer. You should take into account a wide variety of needs, and also keep in mind that not everyone celebrates the holidays. Therefore, you should keep diverse and inclusive messaging in the way you talk about or commemorate these holidays. A positive workplace will not only make your employees feel good, but also motivate them for the coming year. Here’s how you can inculcate this feeling.

Send an internal holiday newsletter

A holiday newsletter is a good way to commemorate this time, and send out a supportive message to your employees. Write a note about how you value your employees, and how you’re proud of their achievements over the past year. Also add sections about their success, and wish them happy holidays.

Also offer motivational messaging, and let people know your company has their back when they need it. Add mental health resources and guidelines as well, in order to cater to everyone. Use the corporate email templates on PosterMyWall to make this newsletter, and use festive layouts different from your usual internal emails. 

Host an office party

An office party would be fun before everyone is off for the holidays. Host a party where you provide food, celebrate your employees, and also have them bring their families. This can be anything from a small dinner to a whole fair, depending on the size of your company.

Make sure everyone from senior management is also present at this party, so that people can connect with each other on a personal, informal level. This party will help employees feel motivated and valued, leading to a positive workplace.

Hold a year-end town hall

It is important to take your employees’ honest feedback into account. So, hold a year-end town hall, where you let people ask questions and raise their concerns. Take their concerns seriously, and let them know how you’re addressing concerns they may already have raised before.

Use this town hall to celebrate your employees and let them know how much you value them as well. Hand out performance prizes, and also give out small holiday gifts to the whole company. These can be something as small as a planner or personalized company stationery.

Add festive elements

Decorate your office for the holidays. Put up a few banners, streamers, and come balloons, depending on the safety and hazard protocols at your workplace. Set up a few festive corners like a hot chocolate station and a box where people can put in anonymous motivational messages for each other.

Also inculcate an open-door policy in these days, so that people feel comfortable. Make sure any decor you do does not exclude sections of your employees. Keep things as neutral as possible, in order to avoid discomfort and conflict at the workplace.

Celebrate your employees

Take this opportunity to celebrate your employees. Put up a board where you list their achievements and also reward top performers. In addition, make people feel valued with a small ceremony where you hand out awards or even certificates.

Share these achievements on social media as well, so that people see you publicly appreciating their work. This will build a positive workplace environment, where your employees want to succeed.

Offer flexibility during the season

Any motivational measures you take to create a positive workplace will be for naught if you don’t accommodate your employee’s wishes. Be flexible in these months, and let people take work from home days and holiday leaves.

Many people have childcare needs over these days, so you can even offer flexibility and support in that regard. In addition, let employees take mental health days, especially as the holidays are a very difficult time for a lot of people.

Set motivation for the coming year

When you work on building a positive workplace environment, you should also set work goals for the coming year. Appreciate people for their past performance, and encourage them to take it up a notch next year. Have them make new year resolutions related to work, and offer support for these initiatives.

This will help your employees come back from the holidays with a productive and recharged mindset. So, work on improving the sentiment for the next year, to improve your performance.

In conclusion, there are many ways you can encourage a positive working environment this holiday season. Just make sure you keep inclusivity and support at the forefront.

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