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6 Tips for Winning at Free Online Connect Four

The classic game of connect four has been fun for decades, and now you can play it online with friends or against strangers! However, the online version has some major differences from the traditional board game. If you’re not careful, you could end up playing against someone who’s cheating with this little known trick to win at free online connect four . Here are six tips that will help you beat your opponents at their own game—and have fun doing it!

1) Take Your Time

The trick to winning online connect four is thinking ahead, but not too far ahead. Take your time when it’s your turn to lay a chip down. It may be tempting to play faster than you can actually think, but there’s no reason to rush—your next move is always right around the corner. If you find yourself stumped or feeling flustered, try stepping away from your computer and coming back with a clear head. You’ll probably find that what seemed like an impossible conundrum before was actually quite easy.

2) Play Smart

There are lots of ways to play free online connect four, but there are a few basic rules everyone should follow if they want to ensure they’re playing to win. No one wants to spend hours learning how to play online connect four only to find out they can’t actually beat anyone; luckily, these six tips will help you get your game on point in no time. Just remember: Don’t let your ego get too big. There are always better players than you. And don’t ever forget that you can always just ask Google for answers!

3) Never Give Up

When playing online cash games, there’s no shame in restarting. You can try as many times as you want; it’s totally free! If your first few tries don’t work out, try again. It’s important to learn how to win on more than one level. First, understand how to play on each of Free Online Connect Four’s levels so that you never get stuck on a level with someone who is better than you. Knowing all of your opponent’s tricks can also help you beat them—just keep practicing until you’re certain that you know all of their strategies and can counter them easily. Don’t give up even when things look bleak; just remember that every game is winnable!

4) Build Up Momentum

Connect four is a very simple game, so it’s tempting to just go for it—drop all your chips in one go. But remember that you have multiple moves per turn. You can make several small moves before taking your big risk. For example, try dropping one chip on your first move and then follow with another chip on your second move. This will give you more chances to win, making your wins more likely to be worth bragging about.

5) Change Your Strategy

Playing by yourself can get boring, so you’ll want to vary your strategy. Take turns with your friend trying different moves to catch each other off guard. If it’s still too easy, try setting a time limit and putting a cap on how many mistakes you can make before losing. You can also play in teams or work against another player who is sitting next to you, which will help take advantage of human psychology.

6) Avoid Blocking Other Players

Whether you’re playing against a friend or an A.I., it’s important to remember that your goal is to get four of your checkers in a row, not block your opponent from doing so. Unless you have something set up, don’t move backwards if it blocks another player from moving forward. In addition, if someone has three checkers in a row and they land on a square directly above where they have two more checkers, don’t move them downward unless they have nowhere else to go. If all they need is one more square above them—even if it blocks their own movement—they should move forward instead of down so as not to give their opponent a free win.

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